Go on a practice date. Get feedback on how women perceive you.

We help men build confidence so when you show up on a date, your only job is to have fun. (Remember?! Dating is supposed to be fun!).

Does dating drive you insane? 🤪 Us too.

Have you ever been on a date you thought was going great but then she never returned your call? 👻 At the very least, don’t you wish you could know WHY, so that you can do better next time??? Unfortunately, no girl will honestly ever tell you why, so we did the next best thing - we created DateDemo to help guys go on practice dates to get honest feedback on how women perceive them.

Have you ever wondered...

  • Did I talk too much or not enough?
  • Was my body language welcoming?
  • Did I ask good questions?
  • Was I being awkward?
  • Did I tell interesting stories about my life?
  • Am I coming across too needy or distant?
  • Was I boring?
Get all these questions answered and more with DateDemo.

How it works

Step 1

Schedule a zoom date with a girl of your choice.

Step 2

It’s a date! Have fun
meeting her on Zoom.

Step 3

Get an in-depth 3-page analysis for feedback.

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Tessa is 29 years old and originally from Los Angeles, but currently riding out the pandemic in Bali. She has a masters degree in philosophy of social sciences from the London School of Economics, a self described nerd, and is obsessed with learning about human behavior. Her hobbies include podcasts, breathwork, and reading.


Gwen is a 27-year-old French and Spanish native speaker currently living in Belgium. She is a ballerina, violinist, audiobook devourer, and approaches each day looking for opportunities to learn. She loves to discover new cultures, has a masters degree in disaster risk management from Lund University in Sweden, and works in the humanitarian sector.


Yuneida is a 26-year-old digital nomad living between New York and Bali. She would describe her personality to be like the ingredients that create the Powerpuff Girls - sugar, spice, and everything nice. She loves learning about food, trying new cuisines, and perfecting her kitchen techniques. Curious at heart, she's always planning her next adventure, excited to meet new people, and seeking out new experiences.

Pricing & Money Back Guarantee

Practice dates are $97 for 50 min via Zoom. We also have a 100% money-back guarantee. We want you to be 100% SATISFIED, so if we didn’t exceed your expectations, simply contact us within 7 days of your date and we will refund you in full, no hassle.


What is a practice date?
A practice date is exactly like a real date except with feedback at the end! The feedback consists of a written analysis of 3 pages, which includes insights into how people perceive. We will tell you what you are doing well and what could be improved.
Can’t I just go on a practice date with my mom?
You can… but she’ll just tell you that you’re amazing and every girl would DIE to have you... and while that might be true, in real life we all have some work to do (practice makes progress!). This service is about real and honest feedback from someone that can give you an unbiased analysis.
What type of feedback can I expect to receive?
After your practice date, you will receive a completed 3-page analysis PDF that details what did really well and constructive criticism on areas that can be improved.
Can I date the girls?
Unfortunately, you cannot date the girls. Sorry about that. These are practice dates in order to get feedback.
Can I go on multiple dates with the same girl?
Yes, you can go on multiple practice dates with the same girl, but it may be more beneficial to go on practice dates with other girls to broaden the feedback. Not everyone will see you the same way.
I have a schedule conflict, can I reschedule the date?
Yes! In order to reschedule a date, you need to provide a minimum of 24-hours notice as we want to respect everyone’s time. If you want to reschedule in less than 24-hours, you will not be refunded for the date.
Can my date go beyond the time limit?
Unfortunately, we have to keep it to the allotted time to keep the daily schedule.

Meet the Founder

DateDemo was created by Tessa Mac after about a dozen of her friends came to her for dating advice. Time and time again, she noticed many of them asked the same question “Will you go on a practice date with me?” While the idea initially sounded strange, after hearing it a dozen times it became clear it was something that the world was missing.

Tessa has worked as a dating coach & matchmaker in Los Angeles, NYC, and London. Previously, she earned her Masters degree in Philosophy of Social Sciences at the London School of Economics. She is also a Certified Master NLP Practitioner.

Her passion is helping people build confidence and make meaningful, lasting connections. DateDemo was launched in 2020 to help men better understand how they are doing on dates. She looks forward to growing into helping women, LGBTQ+, and more!

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